Rhythmic gymnastics warm-up clothes

Avoiding sprains, injuries and cramps in rhythmic gymnastics is easy. The key is choosing the right warm-up clothes for rhythmic gymnastics. The specialists at the Alletanzen online store explain in detail the requirements for the correct choice of clothing.

What is the purpose of the necessary warm-up clothes?

Warm-up clothing allows rhythmic gymnasts to prepare for training and performance faster. The more the muscles are warmed up, the lower the possibility of injury and various damages.

As a general rule, the warm-up lasts 15 to 30 minutes and is performed at the beginning of the session, as well as during long breaks. The warm-up routine, performed in warm-up gear, promotes endurance and flexibility, and helps strengthen joints.

A special warm-up suit performs several important tasks:

  • prevents the occurrence of injuries,
  • accelerates metabolic processes,
  • increases muscle tone,
  • prepares for an intensive workout,
  • develops flexibility.

The key is to make the right choice. We will give you some useful recommendations on the selection of warm-up clothing.

Types of warm-up clothing

Warm-up clothes are usually used at the beginning of the workout, so you can take them off immediately after the warm-up. In our catalog it is presented in different forms, but the choice depends on your wishes and the recommendations of the coach.

The most popular types of warm-up clothing:

  • gaiters,
  • sash,
  • boleros,
  • Cover, etc.

They are made from hypoallergenic materials that do not prevent air circulation. Even with heavy loads, they allow the body to “breathe”, do not constrain movement and do not interfere with breathing.


Their main purpose is to warm up the ligaments and prepare them for further strain. Natural wool or fabrics containing wool are used for their sewing. They are firmly fixed with special elastics on the calves and feet, leaving the heel and toe area open.

Caution! You can find closed gaiters for sale. They are warmer, but less practical to use: every time the heel touches the ground, they gradually slip off.

Wool gaiters are recommended at any time of the year. They keep the following ligaments warm:

  • cruciate,
  • Calcaneus and fibula,
  • Pelvic-femoral ligaments,

The result – a quick warm-up and reliable protection for the joints, ligaments and muscles of the legs, because for rhythmic gymnasts, one of the most dangerous injuries is sprain.


The key to effective training in rhythmic gymnastics is warming up the muscles and ligaments located in the lumbar region. A special belt that reduces warm-up time and allows you to move more quickly into the execution of gymnastic elements does this job perfectly.

Note: The use of a warm-up belt is essential when training in cold weather, especially in a poorly heated gym.

The main material used for sewing the belts is wool with the addition of acrylic. It does not require complex maintenance and is durable as it does not deform even with frequent use and heavy loads.


A long-sleeved bolero sweatshirt provides a warming effect on the shoulders, arms and back. It fits comfortably around the body, giving the rhythmic gymnast complete freedom of movement. An excellent choice for warming up before a workout or performance.

The best fabric for sewing a bolero is high quality polyester with added elastane. Among its benefits:

  • almost weightless,
  • elasticity,
  • ensuring the free flow of air,
  • resistance to wear,
  • maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

The spandex warm-up bolero facilitates the performance of gymnastic elements of any complexity.

Where to buy warm-up clothes in Switzerland

You can buy warm-up clothing and workout clothes for gymnastics classes in the Alletanzen online store.

Just choose the items, specify your shipping address and place your order.

Experienced managers will take care of the rest, including helping you determine the size and selection of the warm-up clothes, as well as arranging delivery within Switzerland.