Ballet shoes literally burn on the feet of the dancers. So, the question of the timely replacement of a worn pair is always relevant.

We offer you to make your choice and buy ballet shoes in this section of the catalog.

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Pointe shoes for ballet and ballet shoes: choice

To make ballet fun, you need to choose the right size of pointe shoes. If they sit comfortably, then the muscles of the ankle joint will not be too tense when half-squatting and lifting on the fingers. Pointe shoes do not fall off the foot, the foot does not dangle, and the heel rounding is located right under the heel.

But how not to make a mistake with the size if you are going to order ballet pointe shoes online? To do this, measure the length of the foot from the extreme point of the foot to the heel and indicate the resulting figure when ordering in the “Comment to the order” box.

Also, in order for ballet pointe shoes to fit snugly to the foot, it is necessary to determine the fullness. To do this, measure the circumference of your foot at its widest point.

Pointe shoes and ballet shoes presented in the catalog are suitable for both beginners and professional athletes (this sport is considered primordially female).

On our website you can order children’s champagne pointe shoes, it is also possible to manufacture custom-made models of black and red colors.

When choosing children’s pointe shoes, also look at silicone and gel liners for them. Inserts will reduce the load on the fingers and pain, as well as protect against severe calluses.

Ballet shoes for dancing in Switzerland

Everyone loves this split-soled ballerina made from soft materials. Traditionally made of leather, satin or tarpaulin (dense cotton fabric).
You can buy ballerinas for dancing in three classic colors from us: white, beige and black.

This ballet shoes is the best for many reasons:

  • Ballet shoes for dancing are quite cheap.
  • These are comfortable and classic shoes in which it is comfortable to knead and stretch the feet, as well as practice dance steps.
  • They can be worn both for training and for performance.

The main disadvantage of all ballet flats is their fragility. As a rule, with regular use, one pair lasts only a couple of months, but some companies are trying to solve this problem by stitching the sole with genuine leather inserts to increase the service life.

Similar models can be found in our online store. We offer you to buy high quality ballet shoes for dancing and choreography at reasonable prices in our online store.