Everything you need to practice rhythmic gymnastics – jump ropes, hoops, balls, clubs, ribbons. All rhythmic gymnastics equipment in one store in Switzerland.

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics is a must-have at any major rhythmic gymnastics tournament. Hoops, maces, jump ropes, balls or ribbons in the hands of athletes make the performance bright and memorable.

How to choose the right equipment for rhythmic gymnastics?

How to choose equipment for a beginner? First, you need to consult with the trainer, he will tell you what to buy first.

Choose gymnastic equipment depending on the level of training and age of the gymnast: the weight, size and diameter of objects for different ages is different. Each of them has its own characteristics and must meet the standard requirements.

It is wiser for beginner athletes to purchase ropes, balls, hoops, clubs or ribbons at a reasonable price, which are fully suitable for training and will allow you to gain experience.

For more advanced gymnasts, choose world-famous professional rhythmic gymnastics equipment for quality and durability.

Hoop for rhythmic gymnastics

The hoop for rhythmic gymnastics is selected according to the height of the gymnast, the diameter of the gymnastic hoop is not more than 90 cm. There are plain products, but multi-color objects prevail in use.

The gymnastic programs with a hoop are very beautiful and quite difficult for beginners to perform. Experience and good physical preparation are required to perform flawlessly gymnastic programs with a hoop.

Gymnastic rope

Many gymnasts do not like this item very much, the jump rope among athletes is considered a heavy projectile. To work with a rope, a gymnast must have not only an excellent sense of rhythm, but also a sense of the object, which is highly valued among gymnasts and is considered almost an innate gift.

The main elements of rope exercises – rotations, throws, jumping rope – develop endurance in athletes, they are spectacular and interesting.

Gymnastic ribbon

One of the most beautiful programs for gymnasts is the exit with a ribbon. This item for rhythmic gymnastics is very convenient and light. A silk ribbon is attached to the stick. Ribbon performances by gymnasts are one of the main performances on world arenas.

Ball for rhythmic gymnastics

One of the favorite items of every gymnast. A multi-colored ball in the hands of an experienced gymnast looks impressive when performing any program.

The physical preparation of a gymnast is the starting point for achieving the coveted medal or cup. However, it is important that the athlete is armed with the best and highest quality equipment for rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment Sasaki

Sasaki is a Japanese company that has established itself in the world market as the best manufacturer of goods for rhythmic gymnastics and is dearly loved by both coaches and athletes of different professional levels and ages.

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics Sasaki is of high quality, a wide variety of colors, shapes and meets all the standards of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). We have hoops, balls and ribbons for which you can easily place an order by selecting them on the store pages (do not forget to specify the desired color and size), and then adding them to the basket.

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics Chacott

Chacott items for rhythmic gymnastics in our catalog you can order balls, maces and sticks for Chacott ribbon, which will please a true connoisseur of high quality and breathtaking design.

The history of this famous Japanese company began after the end of World War II as a manufacturer of ballet shoes. The quality and professionalism of Chacott has been recognized all over the world, making it the main supplier of products for the best ballet and theater schools.

Only in the early 2000s, the company began to produce product lines for rhythmic gymnastics, which again won worldwide love and recognition.

Thanks to the interesting design and excellent quality, the company’s products are rapidly gaining popularity among gymnasts of various ages.

Equipment for rhythmic gymnastics Pastorelli

The production of goods for rhythmic gymnastics by the Italian company Pastorelli began on a rather modest scale, but, as you know, the work of a master is both afraid and, at the same time, loves. So athletes around the world fell in love with gymnastic equipment from Pastorelli, which modernizes and improves its product lines from year to year.

It is enough to hold them in your hands once to feel how much work, skill and inspiration has been invested in these miniature works of art, which, in turn, are in no way inferior in quality to Japanese competitors.

But, as they say, how many people, so many opinions, and we invite you not only to admire a beautiful picture, but also to purchase widely popular ropes, hoops, balls, maces and ribbons from Pastorelli in our online store.

Where to buy equipment in Zurich with delivery in Switzerland?

You can buy equipment for rhythmic gymnastics directly on our website. To do this, select the desired item, specify the quantity and color, if necessary, and add the product to the cart.