Choosing shoes for ballroom dancing

Ballroom shoes are one of the must-have wardrobe items for an athlete of any age and direction who decides to devote himself to dancing. However, you must admit that with all the huge range of women’s, children’s and men’s models, ballroom dancing shoes are sometimes quite difficult to choose and buy.

Remember that the main indicators of the reliability and quality of the product are the materials from which the shoes are made and, directly, the trust in the manufacturer. We strictly follow these criteria and offer our customers only the best producers – Aida Dance and Grand Prix.

Are you looking for quality ballroom dancing shoes that your young athlete will feel more confident in?

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The special sole provides reliable grip with the parquet, which will allow the dancer to easily perform difficult steps and not slip on the parquet in ball room shoes.

Experienced dancers do not save on the quality of equipment, especially shoes, choosing proven brands.

Really high-quality shoes for Latin American dances are able to withstand loads, while serving for a long time. Therefore, it is impossible to save on the quality of ballroom shoes for a child or an adult.

Women’s ballroom dance shoes

Women’s ballroom shoes are traditionally made of satin or leather with natural leather soles and a stable heel. This will allow the partner to be confident and graceful in performances, performing complex rhythmic movements.

Are you going to buy women’s shoes Latina or Standard? It’s worth knowing how they differ. Be sure to consult with a trainer when choosing shoes for dancing.

Men’s ballroom shoes

When buying men’s Latina or Standard ballroom shoes, remember that they are made only from natural lacquer and leather. Another prerequisite is a strong adhesion to the parquet.

The dancer, first of all, is a reliable support of the partner. The success of the couple depends on how firmly he stands on his feet.

Therefore, when choosing men’s shoes for ballroom dancing, you should give preference only to trusted brands.

Shoes standard for ballroom dancing

Depending on the program, different requirements are imposed on the style of shoes.

The classic distinguishing feature of latin and standard shoes is the length of the instep.

The European program predetermines to start the dance step with a heel, and the foot should not arch, so the arch support in standard shoes is long.

Men’s ballroom shoes for the European program have a classic look and a stable heel that does not exceed 4 centimeters.

As a rule, all men’s shoes for the Standard are made of leather or lacquer, and for beginners it is recommended to choose leather models, and for experienced athletes, both leather and lacquer are suitable.

Women’s ballroom shoes Standard are also available in the classic “boat” model with a closed pointed or more rounded toe, and here the choice depends on the width of the foot and the length of the partner’s fingers.

The standard material for the manufacture of women’s ball shoes is satin in brown, beige or golden colors. The length of the heel is selected based on the level of preparation of the girl. For beginners, a 3-5 cm long heel is suitable, while for more experienced sportswomen it can reach 11 cm.

Training ball shoes

Our catalog also includes a diverse selection of training shoes for ballroom dancing and a large range of sizes. When choosing it for your children, keep in mind that the size depends on the exact length of the foot. It is necessary to measure and put the goods in a virtual basket. And in a couple of days you will become the owner of a new pair of training ball shoes.

Children’s ball shoes

When choosing ballroom dancing shoes for girls or boys, make sure they are comfortable. In accordance with the standards and orthopedic recommendations, children’s ballroom dancing shoes are made only from genuine leather, mesh, satin or brocade. This will make it impossible for the occurrence of injuries and stretch marks, allowing the child’s posture to form correctly.

Where to buy ballroom dancing shoes

It is so easy and simple to choose and buy ballroom dance shoes when there is a trusted and reliable dance shoes store where you can place an order from the comfort of your home. And if you want to see and touch your favorite models, we invite you to our offline stores, where sellers and consultants will be happy to help you find your perfect pair of dance shoes.