Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons worthy of your skill

Sasaki’s rhythmic gymnastics ribbons are distinguished by their high level of workmanship. Quality viscose is used, which does not rustle, does not crumple, does not electrify.

Performing with such an object is incredibly comfortable. During the performance with the Sasaki ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics it is easy to create spectacular patterns and delight the audience.

A worthy competitor is the Chacott ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics. The manufacturer produces different lines of this equipment, designed for children and adults.

This brand is distinguished by a wide range of colors, an incredible combination of several colors in one product and unique composition of the fabric from which the tape is made. When performing, professionals distinguish getting spectacular, flowing, lightweight configurations.

Ribbons presented in our store will help you fully feel the power of your skill and make a lasting impression on the audience and the jury.

How to choose the right ribbons for gymnastics

Mesmerizing the audience dance with a gymnastic ribbon requires a combination of two important components – perfect execution technique and quality equipment.

The fact that the ribbon on a gymnastics stick sometimes behaves very capricious – due to high humidity it becomes heavy, the air conditioner flows can become unmanageable.

To avoid such mishaps, you need to prepare carefully before you buy a new ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics.

What you need to consider:

Size. The product itself consists of a stick and a ribbon, connected to each other by a small carabiner or nylon fastener. The length of the stick should be between 50 and 60 cm, where 50 cm corresponds to a 4-meter ribbon, and 60 cm corresponds to a 6-meter ribbon. The length of the ribbon is regulated by age and discharge. For the youngest athletes a ribbon of 4 m length is chosen, for the gymnasts of 8-14 years old or having the level of KMS – 5 m, and for masters of sports and older than 14 years – 6 m.

Material. Most often used satin or viscose, known for its silky iridescence. In addition, these fabrics are wear-resistant and will last a long time.

Color. This is an important parameter for the performance, which plays a role in the overall impression of the dance performance. The colors of the ribbon should duplicate or complement the colors of the costume for a harmonious ensemble. Some gymnasts paint their own equipment with acrylic paints in search of the perfect combination.

Manufacturer. Well-known brands Sasaki and Chacott have long specialized in the production of ribbons with a stick for rhythmic gymnastics. All their products are made in strict accordance with the requirements of the International Gymnastics Federation.

In the catalog of the Alletanzen online store you can find the right ribbon or club in no time, not only for professional performance, but also for amateur exercises.