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Hoops, with the help of which perform risky tricks circus performers, the most difficult exercises – gymnasts, already in Ancient Egypt and Greece rolled on the ground, used in competitions.

In this form, as it looks now projectile, which has the shape of a ring, produced since 1957. Multicolored hoops made of plastic, called hula-hoops, began to be rolled in schools in gym class, in classes in fitness rooms, at home, as well as on the gymnastic mats during professional gymnasts competitions.

How to choose a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics

Depending on the age of the athlete, there is a distinction between a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics for children, juniors and adults. Each category has its own characteristics. When choosing a hoop, adhere to the following rules:

Inexpensive soft plastic hoops deform quickly from bumps and throws. It is not suitable for experienced gymnasts, but for beginners – just right.

If an athlete plans to perform at competitions, it is better to buy a sturdy sports professional hoop for rhythmic gymnastics, which you can buy in our online store.

We offer hoops from well-known brands such as Sasaki and Pastorelli. These hoops are made of durable plastic and hold their shape when throwing, rolling, twirling and catching, so you can perform even the most difficult elements with them.

When choosing, consider the diameter of the item. Our assortment includes the following sizes: 60 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, 79 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm.

The model is chosen according to the height and age of the gymnast. Measure the distance from the floor to the child’s pelvic bone – this will be the right size of the hoop for gymnastics.

For little athletes 3-7 years choose a hoop with a diameter of 60 cm, 6-7 years – 65 centimeters, 7-8 years – 79 cm, 10-12 years – 80 cm. If you find it difficult to specify the exact size, consult a trainer or manager of the online store Alletanzen.

Gymnasts over the age of 12 perform with an object with a diameter of 90 cm marked FIG (approved by the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics). The weight of the gymnastics hoop, according to the rules, is 300 grams. Usually all professional hoops already conform to these specifications.

After buying the apparatus, each gymnast wraps her own hoop with a matching color swimwear – tape with an adhesive layer of different colors with amazing patterns and holographic effect. The overlapping tape is glued around the circumference, combining several bright colored strips that make for a very interesting hoop design.

Hoops for rhythmic gymnastics are not only bought by professional gymnasts. With the help of a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics can improve the flexibility of the figure, stretch the silhouette.

Training with a gymnastic hoop:

  • normalize the metabolism;
  • have a positive effect on the heart;
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles;

Rotational movements at the waist stimulate the development of coordination, accelerate the expenditure of calories, the excess of which leads to the accumulation of excess weight. Exercise with a gymnastic hoop is especially useful for girls because it helps to form a beautiful posture, avoid spinal curvature.

The best models of professional hoops for gymnastics at Alletanzen

Hoops manufacturer Sasaki, which are made of quality polyethylene, flexible and durable. The products withstand sudden movements, do not change shape on impact, when caught with your feet, do not separate at the joints.

The models of this Japanese brand, which are bought for professional gymnasts, are used when performing complex combinations. Weighing 300 grams, these projectiles do not seem heavy, as they distribute the load evenly.

Suitable for training and competition hoops Pastorelli. The Italian brand manufactures models of polyethylene Rodeo-Junior, Sidney with a tube thickness of 18 mm and weighing from 260 to 280 g. Products do not lose their shape, do not break with frequent impacts that occur when falling, throws.

How to buy a hoop in our online store

You can buy high-quality and beautiful hoops right on the website of our store by adding the product to the cart and making a purchase.