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Ballroom dancing dresses

It is very important for dancers to feel beautiful, free, light and unlike anyone else during a performance. This pleasant feeling makes it possible to dance in front of the jury and the audience with great pleasure, to perform all the steps effectively and to enjoy everyone’s attention. Looking beautiful and original during the performance for the fair sex is no less important than the scores received from the judges.

Standard ballroom dancing dresses harmoniously complement and perfectly emphasise a woman’s natural beauty. They are filled with elegant classics, make the movements smoother, flawless, graceful.

Standard model for performance takes pride of place in the wardrobe of every dancer. Such outfits look very original, but each of them must meet certain international requirements.

Ballroom standard dresses, which you can buy in our online shop, are sewn with all the norms in mind. They correspond not only to a particular dance program, but also to the age group of the girl, so they look very harmonious. Presented models may be ordered in any size and colour by choosing the right one among the options. Each page has auxiliary tables to help you decide on the size.

Standard ball dancing dresses

A model for the standard is always aristocratic, flowing and solemn. It must accentuate the audience the advantages of the contestant’s appearance and be in accordance with the storyline of the dance. Each such costume is very important as it is of great importance for the audience’s perception of the dance and the jury’s assessment. At the same time it is the woman’s costume that explains the essence of the performance, as the men’s costume is usually laconic and not very wordy.

The standard programme allows five basic options for girls:

Models with gode skirts, sewn from monochrome material. Such a cut looks beautiful on different figures, so it can safely be called a universal one. Such an outfit always has a flared skirt, complemented by inserts, wedges of a delicate, light material. For the top there are no specific requirements. It can be a strapped bodice or a fitted cut of the closed type. Such ballerdancing clothing may be embellished with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

To create a bright image of a Spanish girl usually choose a model with a corset, which fastens with a lace-up. This type of clothes especially suits brunettes. It is supplemented with a stand-up collar, V-neckline on the back, flounces, ruffles and lace. These models are most demanded in black and red colours, but we also offer other colours on our website.

Rather popular among modern dancers are the so called “gypsy” models. In such dresses the bodice covers the skirt on top, smoothly flowing into it. The sleeves of these models can be tight or loose, wide. All dresses of this type must be expressive, loud colours: red, black, purple.

While the first three standard ball gowns are more commonly chosen by juniors, the version with a slightly lowered bodice flowing smoothly into the skirt is more suitable for older contestants. The upper part contrasts with the bottom and the bodice visually extends the figure; that’s why this type of costume suits especially for short girls.

Often, girls who have perfect posture and a beautiful, well-proportioned figure want to buy a dress for ballroom dancing. They will suit the model with an inflated waist, which looks very striking and memorable on the dance floor, perfectly emphasizes grace, gives the image of originality and spirituality.