Ballroom shoes: women’s standard

If you want your child to do dancing, you should buy good quality dance shoes for him. They will give comfort to the first trainings, will allow you to perform all the steps correctly, will prevent inappropriate slipping that can lead to injury, will ease the strain on the muscles.

In our online store in Switzerland you can buy ballroom shoes and any other kind of dance shoes. Each product in the catalog strictly corresponds to the demands that consumers have in connection with the peculiarities of this or that dance.

Most often, to learn the nuances of body language, which is often called dance, children begin with the standard program. If we talk about the popular European standard, it includes five obligatory dances: Quickstep, Slow Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz.

In our catalog you can find a universal pair that will suit all of these dances or find a special comfortable shoes for the waltz, tango and other dance styles.

What is the difference between women’s ballroom shoes?

Shoes for the standard program should be elegant, functional, on a low heel. Among the most popular materials are natural leather and satin, as they are very soft and durable, pleasant to the touch and excellent hold the foot. Even the most inexpensive models are made of genuine leather.

The main difference between standard pairs and those designed for the Latin American program is the approach to weight distribution over the surface of the foot. Latin dance teachers always teach to start the movement with the toe, the heel of the shoes is higher, and the body weight is usually transferred to the half-fingers – the front part of the foot. Standard program often requires to start the movement from the heel. Therefore, the heel must be of medium height, because the weight is distributed evenly over the entire foot.

The upper part of ball shoes is most often made of satin (satin) and leather. Satin does not lose its strength when it is decorated with stones and sequins. In our online store you can also buy ballroom shoes with different sparkling brocade inserts, which look very effective during performances.

Even if the financial issue is very important to you, you should buy ballroom dancing shoes made of genuine leather of high quality. They are characterized by excellent hygroscopicity and hygiene, hold their shape perfectly, and serve for a long time. But at the same time the most popular material is satin – it is more beautiful and soft.

An important nuance of women’s ball shoes for the standard program is the presence of a supinator longer than in the models for the Latin program. This detail provides a good stability on the floor and confidence in movement.

The basic model for the European program is a standard boat-shoe of classic design. Its nose can be round or sharp, the model can be completed with a strap-overlap, but it is not a mandatory requirement. Sometimes, so that the shoes do not fly off during a particularly sharp dance movements, on the edge of them stitched elastic band.

Where to buy women’s ballroom dancing shoes in Switzerland

If you want to buy women’s dancing shoes in Switzerland, make an order on our website or contact our managers are always ready to take your order and help you choose the best model.