Rhythmic gymnastics leotard

A rhythmic gymnastic leotard is an irreplaceable thing not only for sports and rhythmic gymnastics. They are widely used in choreography, figure skating, aerobics, trampoline, put on for training and competitions.

The gymnastic leotard is especially important for children – the fabric fits the body tightly and allows the coach to notice even small mistakes and immediately point them out.

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How to choose and buy a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics?

First of all, decide on the material of the product. It can be cotton or synthetic. Both fabrics have advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton is a natural material that almost never causes allergies. It absorbs sweat very well, so by the end of the session, your child will be studying… in wet clothes!

The long sleeve of the product, saturated with moisture, does not slip over the body, so it can interfere with the lesson.

Synthetic fabric (elastane, polyester) can irritate the skin, but it “breathes” much better. In addition, products made from it are more wear-resistant, so swimwear will look like new even after many washes.

Another important nuance is the model of clothing. For summer, options with straps or short sleeves are ideal. For the autumn-winter period, it makes sense to purchase a product with a long sleeve and a leotard – overalls.

The color of a swimsuit or overalls for thin classes. gymnastics can be anything. Older children are quite suitable for classic black or white models, but the kids will like more juicy tones – blue, red, pink, blue.

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Where to buy a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics?

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Buy gymnastic leotards: comfort in training is an excellent result in tournaments!