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Trousers for dancing ballroom

At the online store clothing for dance classes Alletanzen you can buy women’s ballroom dancing trousers.

Each collection of trousers in the Alletanzen store is developed by professionals: here are both performing athletes, and high-class fabric artists, clothing designers and seamstresses.

Due to such a big and close-knit team ballroom dancing workout pants are really comfortable to wear. They do not restrict movement during rehearsals, allow practicing new movements, feeling light and full relaxation.

Here you can buy women’s trousers for latinas and ballroom dancing. In our catalog we have a wide range of different kinds of track trousers: from velvet fitted models with free cut, to tight-fitting leggings and trousers with peplum.

In addition to the models differ and color combinations of clothing. Here you can order classic black models, trousers with prints, trousers in soft pastel shades and bright colors.

Every year new collections of training wear appear in the assortment of our online store. Since we ourselves are professionally engaged in dancing, we understand how important that the costume of the dancer complies with the rules of competition and was comfortable to wear.

For your convenience we organize delivery of our clothing all over the world.

If you are not sure about the size of the clothing which fits perfectly, pay attention to the size chart. It shows the ratio of our store’s sizes to commonly accepted definitions.