Latina shoes

To make it easier to maintain balance during the dance and reduce the load on the heel, latin shoes are characterized by a short instep to make it easier to pull the toe, because almost all dance movements begin with it.

Men’s Latin Dance Shoes

Latina have a higher heel than for the Standard, but this does not affect its stability in any way, moreover, it allows you to perform dance steps much more dynamically.

As a material from which shoes for Latina are made, genuine leather is used. When choosing a pair, also pay attention to the width of the sock and the seams. Latina shoes should not squeeze the foot or rub.

Women’s shoes for the Latin American program

Women’s Latin shoes are characterized by an open toe with a closed vamp or straps.

The toes should not stick out of the latin shoes, so sizing should be taken very seriously.

The standard women’s latin shoes are made of beige or tan satin. The height of the heel is limited only by the age of the partner.

For children under 12 years old, the height should not exceed 3.5 cm, for girls 12 or 13 years old – 5 cm, and for adult athletes there are absolutely no restrictions.

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