Equipment holders for sport rhythmic gymnastics

In order for the equipment, clothing and shoes of the athlete in the breaks between performances and training retain their normal appearance and not be damaged by various external factors it must be stored properly.

For such a case, it is better to choose a special equipment holders for gymnastics. Such a simple object will not only allow you to hide and protect items from dust, moisture and dirt, but also to transport the equipment.

In professional gymnastics, it is not only the preparation of the performer that matters, but also his appearance, as well as the equipment he uses.

In order to properly store these items you need to use a equipment holders for gymnastics, which you can buy at the online store Alletanzen at the best price.

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Equipment holders for rhythmic gymnastics and sports. Which one to choose?

You should choose such a product, first of all, taking into account the size of the object that it will be stored.

We have equipment holders for:

  • ball
  • clubs
  • hoop
  • skipping rope, sticks
  • clothes
  • checkers

A good sports pouch is a very important accessory for every dancer, athlete and person who does rhythmic gymnastics.

Equipment holders come in different colors, shapes and materials, with snakes or drawstrings. You can easily order the product you need on our website.