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Ballroom girls trousers in Switzerland

At the Alletanzen dance store you can always buy ballroom girls trousers, tights and breeches for ballroom sports dances.

You will find the best ballroom girls trousers for ballroom dancing classes and performances.

Girls trousers are made of special breathable fabrics that look stylish, comfortable and practical.

They will last you a very long time and allow you to feel great on the floor, and on the dance floor.

Dance trousers for girls straight, they are sewn from lightweight, crease-free fabrics that provide complete freedom of movement and emphasize the figure well, such as stretch gabardine.

High-quality trousers for girls – the right choice for beginners and pros.
Clothing for choreography classes is designed not only to emphasize the image of the dancer, but also to provide him with comfort with sufficient freedom of movement.

Ballroom trousers for girls are made of different fabrics, can be both classic black and bright colors. Both men’s and women’s, and boys’ pants for dancing should consider three factors: functionality, comfort and appropriate choreography style.

Fashion trends require regular closet updates of dance costumes designed for performances or for training. But depending on the type of program and tasks, ballroom trousers for girls are divided into several categories:

  • Ballroom dance trousers should not only be comfortable, but also advantageously emphasize the figure of the dancer;
  • Clothing for hip-hop dancing and other modern trends is usually more free;
  • Models of style “klesh” or “bananas” more often used in acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll and are made of brighter materials;

Training trousers are clothes made of elastic materials that do not restrict movement.

Ballroom trousers for girls can also be classic or training. In the closet of every dancer, as a rule, there is more than one pair of pants. For the rating program is enough for one, and when entering the junior level it is necessary to have clothes for the standard and Latin American programs.

Choosing a costume for performances, you must take into account the other elements of the image. The modern rules of competitions allow the men to use the models with a satin or velvet contrast belt or with lampshades when performing the classical program.

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