Gymnastics shorts or leggings are comfortable clothing for the child, suitable for regular workouts. It is characterized by a free cut that does not constrain movements.

Shorts and leggings are easy to use and easy to wash, compact, which allows you to carry them to workouts in a small purse.

You can buy practical and high-quality shorts for rhythmic gymnastics on our website. We offer models for girls of all ages.

Features of the cut of shorts and leggings for gymnastics

Cycling shorts and shorts for rhythmic gymnastics have the same shape, but differ in length: the former are longer and cover the leg almost to the knee; the second is shorter, leaving the entire thigh open.

Shorts for rhythmic gymnastics are usually worn over leggings or tights, but can be worn without them. Leggings are worn on the naked body.

Which option is right for you, check with the coach. And we will help you choose children’s clothes for training in choreography and gymnastics.

Our range of gymnastics shorts and leggings

We offer girls rhythmic gymnastics leggings and shorts for every taste, color and size. Our product has the following features:

  • elastic material that does not interfere with movements with a wide range of legs;
    practicality – products are worn for a long time, do not wipe off at the places of bending or contact of the legs;
  • hygiene – easy to wash and dry quickly after washing;
    affordable prices.
Feature Basic Training Leggings Performance Leggings Customized Leggings
Material – Spandex – High-performance spandex – High-quality spandex or custom blends
– Polyester blends – Breathable, moisture-wicking materials – Features like compression technology
Design – Simple, minimalistic – Ergonomic designs – Custom prints and colors
– Solid colors – May feature subtle patterns or logos – Tailored to team or personal preferences
Comfort/Fit – Comfortable, flexible – Enhanced fit for better movement – Perfectly tailored fit
– Suitable for long training sessions – Specifically designed for performances – Designed for specific athlete needs
Durability – Good for regular use – Very durable, withstands rigorous use – High durability, specialized fabrics
Cost – Less expensive ($20-$40) – Moderately priced ($40-$75) – More expensive ($75-$150)
Typical Usage – Daily practice and general workouts – Competitions and showcases – Special performances, team uniforms
Aesthetic Importance – Functional with less focus on style – Balances performance and style – High aesthetic customization
  1. Material: Basic training leggings are typically made from spandex and polyester blends, which are durable and flexible. Performance leggings use advanced materials that offer features like moisture-wicking to keep athletes comfortable during rigorous routines. Customized leggings may include special materials that enhance performance, such as compression fabrics.
  2. Design: Basic leggings are generally straightforward and functional, focusing on comfort and flexibility. Performance leggings can include ergonomic designs that support the athlete’s movements and may feature subtle aesthetic elements. Customized leggings allow for personal or team-specific designs, offering unique colors and prints.
  3. Comfort and Fit: While all types of leggings aim to be comfortable, performance and customized options often offer a better fit tailored to the needs of high-level athletes, which can include features like enhanced elasticity and targeted support.
  4. Durability: Training leggings are designed for durability but may not include the specialized fabrics found in performance and customized leggings, which are built to withstand the demands of competitive performances and repeated wear.
  5. Cost: Costs increase from basic training leggings to customized versions, reflecting the quality of materials and customization involved.

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