Buy a ball cover

The case is an important accessory for such gymnastics items as hoops, clubs, balls, ribbons and sticks, ropes, as well as costumes, leotards, pointe shoes, ballet shoes, half-cups and other clothing. First of all, the case allows you to better and more securely store gymnastic items – this is important because it depends on their life and how convenient it will be to use them in the training process.

Ball case

If you want your ball to last a long time, you need not only a special pump, but also a cover for the gymnastic ball, which will allow you to properly store the ball and carry it safely. This is especially important if you use balls from brands like Chacott, Pastorelli or Sasaki. They are quite expensive so it is very important to take good care of them and buying a case is the first step to their long life.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball Bags

A gymnastics ball is one of the most expensive and beautiful items in a gymnast’s inventory. Professional balls are made of high-quality rubber with a coating that creates a sticky effect.

If stored and transported carelessly, over time the coating film will peel off and the ball may scratch against sharp objects in the bag.

To keep their equipment in one piece, especially during trips to competitions, gymnasts purchase special ball bags for rhythmic gymnastics.

It is advantageous to buy a bag for a gymnastic ball for the following reasons:

  • the ball will not take up space in the backpack;
  • the object will not be scratched or cut;
  • bag for the ball can always be tied to the main backpack to free his hands;
  • you surely will not lose your item among the others.

In the Alletanzen online store you will find beautiful and functional lace-up ball bags that will protect your ball from scuffs and damage.

How do I buy a ball cover?

To buy a cover for a gymnastic ball, choose the product you like, specify the color, if necessary, and add it to the cart.