Ballet is a refined and graceful art form with a rich history, traditions, and strict requirements for both the physical preparation of ballerinas and their appearance. This is also justified by the fact that ballet is a classical dance.

In ballet school there is a certain form for classes: for girls – leotard, skirt, tights or white socks, ballet shoes, for boys – dark shorts and white T-shirt or elastic jumpsuit, white socks, ballet shoes. Children are accustomed to aesthetics from childhood.

Ballet underwear is called that because it is worn under their clothes. And no one should see it.

Ballet underwear: the main differences with the usual underwear

Now the choice of ballet underwear is huge. For girls 3-7 years old seamless panties sold in beige. They are not visible under the costumes. And if suddenly these panties come out from under the tutu – the audience from the stage will not see anything.

For girls 8 years and older and adult ballerinas dancewear manufacturers sew underwear leotard or cupcake. The names of firms differ.

Also look at the composition of the fabric. In a swimsuit made of cotton the skin breathes and there is no discomfort. Underwear for ballet in that it is worn under the dance costume. What for? Children and adult ballet dancers often change backstage. In order not to shine their naked bodies, there are these special clothes.

For adult dancers, there are variations – a wide-strap top and shorts. For boys, black or beige seamless trunks are recommended.

Young boys and adult men wear dunce belts. This is to flatten a “certain” part of the male body. It also protects and keeps viewers from being embarrassed. In the front it has a soft box that flattens the protruding part of the body. This dancer’s closet item is more like a type of women’s underwear.

A ballerina, even the smallest, must be neat and tidy. Some moms hide panties under a leotard, others do not wear them at all. Beige colored ballet underwear is the solution!

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