Gymnastics backpacks Zurich

Any sports section that you or your child is enrolled in requires you to carry change items and equipment for classes. You can’t do without a bag or a backpack in the case of rhythmic gymnastics.

A special backpack for rhythmic gymnastics, unlike a regular backpack, will allow you to carry large items, since it was developed taking into account the size of gymnastic equipment.

The Alletanzen store has a wide selection of beautiful and inexpensive backpacks for gymnastics, differing in shape, size, colors, prints, material, and, of course, price. In such a variety of goods, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

What are the criteria for choosing a gymnastic backpack to focus primarily on?

We do not recommend choosing a sports gymnastic backpack or bag only for its appearance, or, even worse, for the lowest prices. Not the least important are the following characteristics and features:

  • dimensions, taking into account height and age. Of course, these are not clothes or shoes where an exact fit is required, but it is important to ensure that it is not difficult for a small child to carry a large bag or backpack with them, and for an older user, so that there is enough space for all the necessary things. In addition, a small backpack with a large growth at least looks ridiculous;
  • a large number of pockets and compartments. Be guided by the number of things that the gymnast (ka) takes with him to classes. In particular, for a teenage girl, the more small pockets, the better, because they love to carry everything they need and don’t need;
  • different sizes of compartments and pockets. Balls, maces, sticks, water bottles, food, cosmetics, a suit – different things require different-sized pockets and compartments. Not every child will be comfortable putting everything in one large compartment;
  • material density. If the material used in the manufacture of a backpack or bag is strong enough and of high quality, this will extend the life of a thing that will not let moisture through and tear at the first unsuccessful movements;
  • the presence of loops (for a backpack). Not a mandatory criterion, but in many ways simplifies life.

Special loops will allow you to fix a variety of shells and accessories for classes that you do not have to carry in your hands. They enhance the usability and functionality of the backpack.

The products of our store are sold directly from well-known brands such as Grand Prix, Alletanzen, etc. In the production process, these companies use the highest quality fabrics that are water-repellent and wear-resistant.

High-quality tailoring and reliable fittings contribute to the fact that such a thing does not tear, and fasteners and zippers do not break off.

The straps and back of the backpacks are anatomically thought out, do not rub and do not adversely affect the posture of the child in everyday use.

Gym backpack or bag?

There is a big difference between a bag and a backpack for rhythmic gymnastics, both externally and functionally.

If the rhythmic gymnastics backpack can be thrown behind your back and thereby free your hands, then this will not work with a bag – it does not have straps to carry on your back.

However, a gym bag often has a larger main compartment, which is better for older gymnasts who can fit more accessories and things in the bag.

For children, a children’s gymnastic backpack in Zurich will be more convenient, however, again, you should not save on the quality of a backpack.

Inconvenient and rubbing backpacks will cause a lot of inconvenience, and besides, they can adversely affect the health of the child.

There are no strict recommendations or warnings for choosing between a backpack and a bag, so you can safely choose at your discretion. We only note that at the beginning of gymnastics, a huge roomy bag is not required, you can give preference to a convenient and compact one.

How to buy a gymnastic backpack in Zurich?

All sports backpack for rhythmic gymnastics presented by us are designed taking into account the specifics of this type of activity. They will contain everything you need, and in the process of carrying they will not cause problems and discomfort.

Before making a purchase, make an informed choice, considering all possible scenarios for using this item.

Having decided on the choice, you can place an order in the standard way – through the “Basket”.