The Ballet Stretch Tape has become a popular piece of equipment for athletes because of its compactness and super effectiveness. Small size, light weight, easy care, and the ability to adjust the load are just a small list of benefits that make the decision to buy stretching bands.

Elastic bands for stretching are the favorites among the equipment in people engaged in ballet, dance, yoga, rhythmic gymnastics.

Stretch bands are ideal for age groups and rehabilitation programs because of their soft load and injury resistance.

В The possibility of stretching ligaments or muscles in the classroom with the elastic band is almost zero.

Stretch elastic bands load, that is, the amount of resistance, depends on the thickness and length of the elastic band. Manufacturers label the resistance by color. But before you buy a rubber band for training, it is better to get acquainted with the digital indicators.

When an athlete needs to change the load or he uses athletic bands for different purposes, it was smart to buy a set of workout tapes. It usually includes five latex tapes of different load grades:

  • Green Stretch Tape XS, 0.35 mm
  • Blue Stretch bands S , 0.5 mm
  • Red Stretch tape M, 0.7 mm
  • Purple Stretch Tape L, 0.9 mm
  • Black Stretch Hood Tape XL, 1.1 mm

Ring tape for workouts allows the athlete to independently pump the necessary, including hard-to-reach muscles, as well as effectively and without additional equipment or the participation of another person, to perform stretching exercises.

In our store we offer to buy the tape for ballet stretching with and without loops. Elastic band for exercising with loops is a trainer with a different number of loops and handles.

Allows you to perform dynamic and static stretching. In this case, the athlete can not think about the fact that the rubber band can slip at the most inopportune moment. You can buy ballet stretching tape with loops with a different number of loops.