Performance leotards are the most important and indispensable thing that gymnasts worry about most, especially when traveling to competitions.

To keep your costume clean and your rhinestones intact, Alletanzen offers a universal holder for your rhythmic gymnastics leotard.

Our covers will fit any size costume, and the thick fabric will keep out dust, water and dirt. Hurry to shop!

Gymnastics leotard holders

A gymnastic leotard is not just a costume for performances, but also part of an athlete’s image. Since these costumes are not recommended to be washed often, a gymnast must take great care to keep them clean.

During the outdoor competitions this problem is especially important, because the judges can decrease the points for the untidy appearance.

In order not to tear the leotard and to protect it from dirt, water, dust during the trip, you need a comfortable and roomy cover for the rhythmic gymnastics costume.

In our online store you will find a variety of models of covers for leotard of original design and color.

Bright and practical holders are perfect for long journeys and local transportation of costumes for performances. Pouches are made of high quality heavy oxford.

Thanks to the fact that the pouch for the swimsuit folds, turning it into a convenient bag with handles, your trips will be even more convenient. The portlet bag is made of heavy silver oxford that will protect your suits from dust and dirt.

Where to buy a holder for your rhythmic gymnastics leotard

To buy a leotard cover, select the product you like, specify the quantity and color, if necessary, and add it to your cart.