Underwear for rhythmic gymnastics

For gymnastics, aerobics, choreography, yoga, acrobatics classes, underwear specially created for athletes, produced in the best factories, taking into account all the professional requirements for training and performance.

Gymnastics underwear: the main differences with the usual underwear

In rhythmic gymnastics, special attention is paid to the appearance of the gymnast, and therefore, any manifestation of underwear or elastics of it can have a negative impact on the overall impression of performance.

It is for this purpose that professional athletes use underwear for gymnastics, which has certain characteristics. It is worn under the athlete’s leotard and is chosen according to the athlete’s skin color.

In addition, underwear for gymnastics are panties, bodysuits and tops. When choosing these accessories, the age of the performer is necessarily taken into account, as well as the outfit in which he will actually demonstrate his gymnastic skills.

Professional sports underwear has such differences from the ordinary:

Sports leotards are very different from those worn on the beach. In rhythmic gymnastics in the appearance of an athlete is not allowed to open the intimate areas, and therefore the swimsuit must fit the figure well and cover all the places.

That is why in the world of sports, in the world of dance and ballet under the swimsuit wear underwear, which is chosen under the color of the skin and has a fairly wide elastic band, which do not protrude and in no way show through the dress.

This type of underwear must meet high standards of hygiene. Nowadays, these accessories are made of lycra or cotton.

These materials are pleasant for the body, do not cause discomfort, irritation and do not restrict movement.

Underwear should be chosen according to the size of the athlete. They should fit snugly, not wrinkle and not show on the clothes.

Elastic bands are also important. They should be wide and not dig into the body.

It is necessary to choose panties with wide elastics that will cover not only the belly, but also part of the thighs.

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