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Varieties of dance leotards for women

Training leotards are worn during rehearsals. They are used during ballet, ballroom or sports dance lessons. They are available in white, black or beige. The leotard suits are available in several variants:

  • with sleeves: short, ¾, long;
  • strapped;
  • with open or closed necks;
  • with or without skirt.

The stage ones are worn on stage. They are distinguished by bright colours and eye-catching adornments. They are painted, embroidered with strasses, feathers and sequins.

There are models with asymmetric cut and decorative cut-outs on the sides. Children’s stage models look more restrained than adults, but they all look smart and elegant, emphasizing the advantages of shape.

How to choose a leotard for dancing?

To make the leotard for dancing long-lasting and keep its beautiful appearance, it has to be made of quality materials.

The most popular models are made of cotton with addition of elastane or purely synthetic fabrics, for example, supplex. They stretch well in all directions, hold their shape for a long time, do not roll and do not sag during washing, do not discolour.

It is important to choose the right size. A leotard should not be pushy or saggy, and its edges should not cut into the skin. When trying on, place your finger under the shoulder pad. If it slips freely, you have selected the correct size.

Then the swimming costume will not rub on the body and the seams will not separate. In this case you will avoid discomfort when wearing it and it will last you much longer.