Gymnastic Rope for Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnastics rope with a diameter of 9 and 10 mm is a flexible synthetic cord without handles with a braid of twisted thread. The product is designed for professional rhythmic gymnastics classes, it is highly flexible and durable.

The cord is made of thin polyamide threads. The threads are twisted together and pulled into a long strand. Polyamide ropes for gymnastics come in monochrome and colored.

Thanks to a special technology dye is firmly fixed in the fibers, so the product does not stain your hands, clothes. For gymnastics equipment is important aesthetic component, so the braiding is added lurex threads of gold or silver color.

Features of the gymnastics rope

The properties of the products are the same as the characteristics of braided polyamide cords. They are easy to knot and do not unravel. Under load, the cord lengthens by 20-25 percent.

Advantages of gymnastic cords in our online store:

  • elasticity;
  • durability;
  • ease;
  • softness;
  • resistance to abrasion, alkali, decay;
  • brightness, durability of colors;
  • ease of use: the products have a good hold on the trajectory and “fly”.

When using the cord should be protected from organic solvents, acids.

Scope of application

Gymnastic ropes are popular not only in rhythmic gymnastics, but also in other sports, outdoor activities, decorating playgrounds, gyms. Gymnastic ropes are also used to make ropes, in water sports, sports competitions. It is used in such a kind of fitness as gymnastics on ropes. Due to the high tensile strength with a sports rope can perform complex elements on the ropes, rings.

The length of the rope is chosen in proportion to the height of the athlete. The ends of the rope are knotted or melted.

Exercises with a rope in rhythmic gymnastics were borrowed from children’s dance performances. This apparatus is usually the first one that young gymnasts learn. Exercises with a rope differ effectivity, the variety of elements: it is a variety of jumps, throws, swings, circles.

Where to buy a rope in Switzerland

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