Elastic bands for exercise, training, stretching

Get more out of your workout with an elastic stretch band. You can buy exercise elastic bands of different lengths in our store.

We recommend shorter gymnastics bands for kids and longer ones for adult dancers.

Safety and comfort above all

Remember, to avoid injuries, every warm-up should start with specialized ballet elastic bands, which you will find in our online store of clothing and accessories for dance and gymnastics.

In the children’s category you will find elastic bands in sizes from 98 to 128 cm, in the youth category 134-152 cm, and in the adult section you will find warm-ups in sizes XS, S, M, L.

Exercise elastic bands and ribbons

These are exercise accessories that will make your home workouts more intense. Exercise bands are used for stretching and allow you to train almost all parts of your body.

They can be used to wrap around your arms, legs and torso as desired. Because of the resistance they create, muscles are forced to work harder, resulting in better, faster and more noticeable results.

Exercise bands and expanders – train strength, endurance and flexibility

They are an effective support in the pursuit of a slim, lean and muscular figure. These gadgets are used in fitness classes, as well as for self-training in the gym and at home. Elastic resistance bands allow you to train the whole body.

They are very versatile workout equipment, so they are used in many sports. Exercise bands provide resistance and make your muscles work hard.

How can resistance bands be used in everyday workouts?

Elastic exercise bands allow you to exercise with other equipment as well as with your own body weight. They are lightweight and do not take up much space, so they are great for outdoor training.

Elastic bands allow you to master the technique of more complex exercises. At the beginning of weight training or cross-training, you can use them for pull-ups on the bar.

You may find that your body resists too much during your first workouts, and elastic bands will alleviate this problem. The resistance they provide increases your focus on your chosen body part. It’s easier to feel your muscles contract during the movement.

What is the difference between elastic bands?

You’ve noticed, of course, that they have different colors. This is not a coincidence! Each color is responsible for a different resistance. The different colors generally correspond to the following resistance values:

  • green – 15 kg
  • yellow – 25 kg
  • orange – 35 kg
  • red – 45 kg
  • black – 60 kg

Expanders have a similar use, but they limit the range of exercises that can be performed. They are equipped with handles and are used for upper body workouts. With several adjustment steps, you can adjust the expander to the intensity of your workouts.

This allows you to increase the intensity of your exercises and resistance according to your level of training. Both resistance bands and expanders are equipment that help increase muscle mass, reduce excess body fat, strengthen individual muscle parts, increase joint mobility and muscle feel.

You can use them not only for cross-training, but also for rehabilitation purposes or for stretching before ballet and dance training.