Ballet leg warmers to buy

Ballet leg warmers for ballet – as necessary attribute as a leotard. A sports version of such clothes is different from the everyday clothes: children’s tights for dance and gymnastics should not have pockets and other convex details – they will interfere with the training. But you can not limit your child’s choice of color: bright pink, red or blue – in training any color scheme is acceptable.

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How to choose and buy tights for ballet?

Tights are especially relevant for girls in the cold period of the year, when it gets cool in the gym for training. They come in several types:

Midi tights (shortened model, which ends just below the knee);
Standard (the product ends at the bones in front of the foot);

Lengthened (a version that comes down to the foot and has a cutout for the heel, which helps loafers do not scuff during waving and other leg movements)

Whatever model you choose for your child, it should fit tightly around the foot, but not squeeze it, stretch well in all directions and allow the skin to breathe.

The color of the product may be not only the classic white or flesh-colored, but also any other.

To determine the size of gymnastic leggings you may need such parameters as:

  • waist circumference;
  • hip circumference;
  • length of the item;
  • inner thigh length (measured from the groin to the bottom of the garment)
  • the height and age of the child;
  • weight in kilograms.

Ballet leg warmers to buy

Ballet leg warmers are one of the most important pieces of additional clothing for dancers. They are useful both during training and between performances. They keep the body warm and maintain the correct temperature. They are also worth having with you during performances when there are breaks between performances.

Ballet leg warmers affect the effectiveness of the workout. They help various components of the musculoskeletal system, including joints, muscles and ligaments, warm up much faster. Warming them up during a break means minimizing the risk of possible injury.

What leg warmers for ballet can be used?

First of all, these are ballet leg warmers, which are worn on open calves. They warm up and warm the legs, preventing injury to the most important parts of the human body for dancers. Therefore, they are made of warm materials, have a dense weave and a wide, non-pressurizing hem. They come in a wide range of colors, so you can easily match them to the style of your outfit.

In addition to leg warmers, ballet warmers also include sweater and shoulder warmers. They are made of soft materials so as not to irritate your skin, buttoned up for easy donning and keeping you warm during workouts. They also provide thermal comfort by keeping your muscles warm before and after your workout.

Take care of your body, prevent injury and provide thermal comfort!