Knee protector for rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a rather traumatic sport in which you can easily get injured.

Gymnasts need to wear knee pads to protect their knees from scratches, burns, sprains or serious injuries.

That is why we recommend buying children’s knee pads for rhythmic gymnastics and using them during training, this will protect the child’s knees from injury and damage, as well as reduce the load on them.

What are knee protector for?

To increase the effectiveness of training. Athletes who train without protective knee pads cannot show high results on the carpet for a long time.

This is due to minor injuries: scratches, bruises, burns – you must agree that it is quite difficult to show good results if something bothers you.

On the contrary, if a child always wears protective equipment on his knees, it will give him both confidence and increase the effectiveness of training.
Prevention of injuries.

Rhythmic gymnastics classes are always associated with many different movements, so you need to use special accessories to protect your knees from possible damage. Knee pads will help you protect your muscles and ligaments.

Provide knee support. When your knees hit the floor or even a special rhythmic gymnastics carpet with your full body weight at full speed, they get seriously injured. Knee pads fix and provide support to the knee joint. They not only protect the knees, but also reduce the likelihood of knee overexertion during movement.

Characteristics of knee pads for gymnastics

There are different types of specialized knee protection on the market. They differ from each other by the material from which the knee pads are made.

The most popular are the following models:

  • Cotton. The advantage of natural fabrics is that they allow the skin to breathe. The disadvantages include rapid wear;
  • Lycra. This material also allows air to pass through, but it is more elastic, which is an advantage during intensive training;
  • Nylon. Knee braces are distinguished by a long service life, but the cost of models is much higher than that of the previous braces;
  • Spandex. The material is considered the most reliable and durable. Perfectly fixes the knee.

Depending on what kind of training the athlete performs, it is necessary to choose more or less dense knee pads, with or without pads.

For exercises requiring acrobatic elements, padded knee pads should be used, which additionally protect the knees, but do not restrict movement.

Such knee protectors are used for training only. For performances it is necessary to purchase special medical knee pads that fit tightly and fix the knee. It is very important to use knee pads in training if the athlete often lands on the knee.

What you need to pay attention to before buying medical knee protectors

When choosing braces, you need to understand for what purpose they are intended. It should take into account the material, size and color of the knee pads. For example, for rhythmic gymnastics, it is best to choose a flesh-colored brace that will not distract attention from the costume and the performance of elements.

The choice of sports accessories should be taken seriously, as they help to preserve the health of joints and bones. Japanese knee protector Chacott have proven themselves well.