Ballet tights for children and adults

The opaque ballet tights for adult dancers featured in our ballet online store are professional dancewear that are perfect for both training and performance.

Women’s microfiber ballet tights for children and adults are available in sizes 2-4 and in a wide range of colors – white, black, ecru and others.

They fit perfectly to the body, providing comfort when performing even the most difficult figures. Extremely elastic and much more resistant to damage than ordinary tights, which are worn every day. They go great with body and pack.

Microfiber ballet tights are available with a small ballet neckline, allowing you to quickly roll them up for dances that require barefoot. We also offer children’s and youth tights as well as other ballet outfits. Check it out for yourself!

Remember the right dance shoes

Which dance shoes you choose makes a huge difference. Our dance shoes offer has also been updated with black and flesh-colored sockless ballet shoes, which are perfect for modern dance or gymnastics classes.