Rhythmic gymnastics hoop cover

Think of how you have just finished wrapping your hoop, admiring the smooth and beautiful pattern, imagining how great it will look in motion.

And you don’t want that beauty to quickly fray and peel off after a few competitions.

That’s why we’ve created a whole line of practical and original hoop covers, with and without pockets, so that our gymnasts always get their pieces in one piece!

The gymnastic hoop is one of the largest and most fragile items in an athlete’s inventory. If improperly stored or carried, the item can lose its shape or break.

The problem of transporting hoops during away competitions is especially important because gymnasts rarely take replacement items with them.

Many gymnasts buy a hoop pouch to carry them comfortably and safely. What are the advantages of such a carrying case?

Thanks to the elastic material, the case on the gymnastic hoop will fix the position of the object and will not let it fall out, bend or break

  • When you travel, it’s easy to carry and hold
  • Hooks easily hold multiple hoops, saving you space on the road

In our online store you will find a wide variety of models for every taste, size and color.

The catalog includes both covers for gymnastic hoops from the collections, as well as other products.

In addition to the usual options, our catalog includes covers with a pocket.

The main advantage of such a bag is that items will not fall out, even if you put several hoops of different sizes in it.

In addition, the bag-basket for the hoop will fit not only items, but also other small things for which there was no place in the backpack.

Where to buy a hoop bag

To buy a hula hoop cover, choose the model you need, specify the color if necessary, add the product to the cart and place your order.