Clothing Type

Dance training skirts to buy

Dance skirts are divided, as well as programs in ballroom dancing, into: for the Latin and standard. Standard also called the European program.

Skirts for training in the European program:

  • The length up to the ankles, that is, almost to the floor.
  • Panties are not needed.
  • In most cases, only black.

To start take a skirt for the Latin program. Somewhere with 10-12 years, when there is an active addition of dance and division into a standard and Latin, take a separate skirt for the standard..

The material of skirts is usually butter, not cotton, as it has better wear resistance and better fit.

Option leotard or leotard with a skirt for ballroom dancing is uncomfortable:

  • You need a full skirt to get used to it and be able to behave while
  • Performance in a dress at the tournament. In a leotard with a skirt it is usually very short and barely covers the butt
  • The top, that is a top or t-shirt you have to wear more often, because we sweat more from the top, and the skirt can be worn less often
  • Take it off so quickly to go to the bathroom with a child does not work

Top for ballroom dancing almost always fits both skirts.

So choose to your taste or from the same series as the skirt. But it is better to have 2, or to save money you can buy 1 or 2 black cotton t-shirts. The upper body sweats more, so you will have to change and wash the skirts more often.