Tapes for hoop and club

Hoop and club wrap is a sticky decorative tape. The adhesive backing comes with or without a backing. The width of the tape is chosen so as to wrap the object without any breaks or roughness.

The length of tape in a roll is from 11 to 14 meters. This amount is enough to wrap a 90 cm hoop with minimal overlap.

The main secret to successful hoop wrapping is to determine the correct angle of laying the tape. To begin, begin wrapping the object at a 45 degree angle.

Make a couple of turns and evaluate how it turns out. If necessary, wind it back and change the angle. Also adjust the degree of tension. Make sure there are no kinks.

After wrapping the object, use clear tape. This will protect the surface from premature wear and tear. Choose a glossy, clear tape that does not distort the color.

Stickers for a hoop

The hoop stickers are used to decorate a gymnastic hoop. The stickers are easy to apply and give the item an original look. With the help of stickers is very convenient to make the design of the hoop individual and most appropriate to the costume.