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Ballet leotards buy

Unitards is the main element of clothing for sports and rhythmic gymnastics, dance, figure skating and other sports. Without it you can not do neither in training, nor at performances. Since athletes spend so much time in these clothes, it should certainly please and be as comfortable as possible.

That is the kind of options – strict and bright, with a bottom-skirt or tutu, we offer you to buy in the online store Alletanzen. Go into the catalog and see for yourself that our prices will help you save your budget, and the quality of products will allow you to wear swimwear for a long time.

How to choose and buy a ballet unitard with a skirt?

Leotard for ballet with a skirt is a great option for girls who always want to be beautiful, because short transparent or tight skirts bring extra femininity to the image. In addition, the solid products, in contrast to the T-shirts and shorts, are much more comfortable – they do not hurt and do not fall down, do not require constant yanking or pulling up.

Ballet leotard with a tutu skirt is necessary when practicing ballet, it helps to feel on any training as on stage. The option with a chiton visually makes the movements smoother and flowing.

When choosing a product, pay attention to several factors:

  • material;
  • cut;
  • color;
  • size.

Cotton is not the best option for swimwear, because during intensive training it quickly gets soaked with sweat and restricts movement. Such clothes are suitable for light exercises where a child sweats practically nothing.

Blended or synthetic fabric (biflex, polyester) is more comfortable – it stretches well in all directions, allows the skin to breathe, does not deform after washing.

The cut depends on the time of year – in the cold period, especially if it is cool in the room, it is advisable to choose a model with long sleeves. Also with the help of a cut you can correct some figure disadvantages, for example, a short neck can be “extended” with a V-shaped neckline.

Choose a color that the child likes – in a beautiful and favorite clothes girls will be more than happy to attend classes.

As for size, many manufacturers have different sizes. To make the right choice, you need to know the height or the volume of your child’s chest and hips. Consultants in our store will help avoid errors in choosing a size.

Where to buy an inexpensive children’s unitard with a skirt?

The online store Alletanzen has a huge selection of products for ballet, which means you will not waste time and order everything in one place.

We have a huge experience in the market, so we know and tell even the slightest nuances of the goods.

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