In the mesmerizing world of rhythmic gymnastics, the importance of apparatus cannot be overstated. From hoops to clubs, each piece of equipment plays a pivotal role in a gymnast’s routine. However, as vital as these apparatus are, the accessories accompanying them are equally crucial.

They not only enhance performance and aesthetics but also ensure safety and longevity of the equipment.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the essential accessories for gymnastics, focusing on the key items such as the Belt for covers, Club band, Club case, club holder, Adhesive Gaffer Tape for Clubs, and tape for hoop and clubs.

Belt for Covers: Securing Your Equipment

The Belt for covers is a must-have accessory for gymnasts. This belt is designed to secure covers that protect apparatus when they’re not in use. Ensuring your equipment is adequately covered and secured reduces the risk of damage and ensures the apparatus remains in top condition.


  • Protection: The Belt for covers ensures that your equipment remains shielded from dust, moisture, and accidental scratches.
  • Portability: With everything secured in place, transporting your apparatus becomes easier and safer.
  • Aesthetics: Using a Belt for covers gives a tidy appearance, especially when multiple apparatus need to be stored together.

Club band and club case: ensuring Durability

Club Band:

The Club band is designed to keep pairs of clubs bundled together. Clubs, being dual elements in rhythmic gymnastics, need to be stored and transported as pairs to prevent misplacement.


  • Organization: With the Club band, gymnasts can ensure their clubs remain paired, making it easier to keep track of their equipment.
  • Protection: By bundling clubs together, the risk of individual clubs getting scratched or damaged is minimized.

Club Case:

The Club case is a protective covering designed specifically for clubs. Made of durable materials, these cases ensure that clubs are shielded from external damage.


  • Safety: The Club case reduces the risk of clubs getting scratched, dented, or damaged during transport.
  • Convenience: With dedicated compartments, the Club case ensures that clubs remain organized and easily accessible.

Club Holder: accessibility meets safety

The club holder is another indispensable accessory for gymnasts. Designed to hold clubs securely, it ensures they remain in place, whether stored at home, in the gym, or during transport.


  • Easy Access: Club holders are often designed to provide quick access to the clubs, ensuring that gymnasts can retrieve and store them efficiently.
  • Space-saving: By holding clubs vertically or in a specific configuration, club holders can save significant storage space.

Adhesive gaffer tape for clubs: grip and protection

The Adhesive Gaffer Tape for Clubs is a specially designed tape that enhances the grip of the clubs while also offering a layer of protection.


  • Enhanced Grip: The tape provides gymnasts with a better grip, minimizing the chances of the club slipping during performances.
  • Protection: The Adhesive Gaffer Tape for Clubs acts as a protective layer, reducing the wear and tear on the club’s surface.
  • Customization: Available in various colors and patterns, gymnasts can use this tape to personalize their clubs, matching them with their outfits or personal style.

Tape for hoop and clubs: dual purpose accessory

The tape for hoop and clubs serves a dual purpose: it offers an enhanced grip while ensuring that the equipment is protected from regular wear and tear.


  • Versatility: Designed for both hoops and clubs, this tape is a versatile accessory that every gymnast should have in their kit.
  • Improved Performance: With better grip, gymnasts can execute their routines with more confidence and precision.
  • Longevity: Regular use can wear out the surface of hoops and clubs. The tape acts as a protective layer, extending the lifespan of the equipment.


In the dynamic world of rhythmic gymnastics, while the skills and grace of the gymnast are paramount, the equipment and its upkeep play a vital role in ensuring consistent performance.

Accessories such as the Belt for covers, Club band, Club case, club holder, Adhesive Gaffer Tape for Clubs, and tape for hoop and clubs are not mere add-ons but essential tools that safeguard the apparatus, enhance their functionality, and in many cases, add a touch of personal style to the performance.

Investing in quality accessories is as crucial as selecting the right apparatus, as they collectively set the stage for a gymnast’s success.