Pillow for rhythmic gymnastics

Pillow is a gymnastic accessory for rhythmic gymnastics, which can be used not only to stretch.

With its help to create a comfortable training environment:

  • for back stretching,
  • for splits,
  • for the neck,
  • for the chin,
  • you can put it under your knee,
  • it’s perfect for tumbling.

Weights for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

Weighted weights for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and figure skating are used by well-prepared athletes whose main purpose is not to pump up muscles and create a beautiful figure but to win competitions.

To achieve this result the work with one’s own weight is usually not enough so sports weighting weights in these sports have become a necessary equipment in the daily training process.

Performing exercises and movements with weights during training makes it easy to perform the same exercises at tournaments and championships. If you do not have enough extra weight in your classes, you can buy heavier hand weights. The fact is that in children the leg girth at the ankle usually corresponds to the wrist circumference of an adult athlete.

In acrobatics and figure skating, in addition to arm and leg weights, young athletes and athletes use weighted weights – belts and vests of light weight.

For training in dynamics adult athletes use weighted weights for arms and legs weighing up to 2 kg, children – up to 1 kg. Hand weights differ from leg weights in length. Wrists are narrower in girth than ankles and therefore hand cuffs are shorter.