Hair net for rhythmic gymnastics

A hairnet for a bun is a great accessory for a girl or for a girl. Color for different hair: blonde, brown, dark brown and black. Soft, easy to rumple and fits in a makeup bag or purse.

Used to create a neat and perfectly gathered bundle of hair. Hair is gathered into a bun on the top of the head or at the nape of the neck.

The hair net is large and almost invisible, at its base there is a thin rubber band, but it securely holds the net on the bun and gives a certain charm to the hairstyle.

Hair net for the bun is widely used by gymnasts, ballerinas and dancers. Creates an elegant and austere look to the hairstyle.

Hair bands for rhythmic gymnastics

To make a “bump” (“hairpin”) you will need: hairpins, 2 strong elastic bands, hairnet, tic-tac-toe hairpins, hair gel or hairspray.

To make a ponytail, you will need: 1 sturdy elastic band, an embellishment elastic band, tick-tock hairpins, and hair gel or hairspray.

Hairpins can be long and short. Girls with long hair need long hairpins, and who have short hair – it is better to buy short hairpins not to get out of the bump.

In our online store Alletanzen you can choose hairpins according to the color of your hair, but not necessarily, because they will be inside the bump. There are also hairpins for jewelry with crystals or with flowers.

There are several kinds of hairpins: thick ones, you can see them on the bump, thin ones – you can hardly see them, hairpins in the form of hair – you can’t see them on the bump at all. There are meshes with ornaments, with flowers, with stones, and also multi-colored meshes.

You can match the mesh with a swimsuit or take a neutral color. Mesh with stones perfectly shine from afar.

Hairpins tic-tac-toe are necessary both for training and for performances.

To fix the hair must be gel or hairspray. You can use ordinary gel, and you can gel or varnish with glitter.

There are many hair ornaments Tuloni, Chacott: various bump ornaments, unusual elastic bands, pins with flowers, as well as patterns and sequins.