Ribbon and stick holder

The case is an important accessory for such gymnastics items as hoops, clubs, balls, ribbons and sticks, ropes, as well as costumes, leotards, pointe shoes, ballet shoes, half-cups and other clothing.

First of all, the case allows you to better and more securely store gymnastic items – this is important because it depends on their life and how convenient it will be to use them in the training process.

Case for ribbon

It can be used to store your wand and gymnastic ribbon. Usually the pouch has a universal size up to 60 cm, a compartment for the coil and the stick, and is equipped with a zipper for secure storage.

Case for rope

Not as important as for other items, because in general, rope ropes are quite difficult to damage mechanically, but they can be caught on something, so the use of a cover is also advisable.