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Ballet clothing for small and large dancers

We know how important it is for the ballet clothing to provide the dancer with the necessary level of comfort during the performance so that she can fully concentrate on the figures being performed. Ballet costume consists of items such as ballet gaiters, ballet bodysuits, ballet skirts and ballet tights.

Clothes for ballet and choreography

All mothers know from their own experience that if children go to dances, ballet, choreography 2-3 times a week, then clothes for ballet, dance and choreography experience much more stress than ordinary schoolchildren, and choose clothes for ballet, choreography and shoes need to be especially careful.

An excellent option for you will be our Zurich online store, where shopping is so easy and pleasant, and clothes for ballet and choreography have passed mandatory certification.

Alletanzen clothes shop in Zurich

This section contains all sorts of variations of classic training clothes for ballet, choreography, dance and physical education. Shorts, leggings, breeches, t-shirts, skirts, swimwear made of cotton and supplex in different colors and sizes. All ballet and dancewear is certified and hypoallergenic. We also have professional shoes for dancers: pointe shoes, ballet flats, Czech shoes, folk shoes, folk boots and jazz shoes.

Dancing classes require special training clothes, usually the trainer tells you what kind of uniform you need to buy. For physical education – shorts, a T-shirt and czech shoes, as a costume for choreography – a leotard with a skirt and ballet flats.

Clothes and shoes for training in a choreographic class for girls are very comfortable to wear, it is easy and comfortable to practice in them, and besides, they are beautiful, bright and fashionable. Everything for choreography, rhythm and dance is easy to find in our catalog.

The choreographic form can be combined with each other and make several sets for training, for example, breeches and a top, a top and leggings, a leotard and a chiffon skirt, a leotard and leggings. Ballet clothing is a leotard for ballet, leotards, pointe shoes and accessories for them.

You can find and buy everything for ballet in Zurich and choreography for children and adults on our website.

How to dress for ballet?

Dancers performing on stage evoke many emotions in the audience. You should take your breath away not only from their beautiful movements, but also from their appearance. Ballet is an aesthetic art. When dancers take the stage, they must look beautiful and neat.

During ballet classes, the costume must be adapted to the movements of the dancers. How to prepare for classical dance classes?

A ballerina bags should include:

  • ballet costume,
  • ballet shoes,
  • tights,
  • tunic,
  • and the appropriate hairstyle on the head

A ballet costume is a one-piece bodice of elastic material. Ballet costumes should not restrict dancers movements. Body suits are on the market in many colors and patterns. It is worth trying on a few to see what suits you best.

Ballet shoes – soft ballet shoes are a must for ballet classes. Ballet shoes should not be too loose or too tight. It is best to try on several pairs and compare them to each other.

Depending on the requirements of the class teacher, ballet shoes should have straps (bands) or elastic bands. Soft ballet shoes can also be used for other activities, such as stretching, yoga, pilates, counter-force.

Pointe shoes – ballet shoes with hard tips used by high school students.

Ballet tights – similar to regular tights, but made of more elastic materials that do not restrict movement. For ballet classes it is best to wear salmon, ecru or pale pink tights, as they perfectly emphasize the leg line.

The tunic for ballet is known as a ballet skirt. It is used as an additional element in a dancer’s costume. You can buy it in different colors, styles and lengths.

Hairstyle for ballet classes – the best is a simple chignon, which does not interfere with the dancers during the lesson. Pinned hair does not cover the face and neck.

To the basic elements of the ballet costume can be added:

  • leg warmers,
  • gaiters,
  • athletic pants.

What are the gaiters for?

They are usually used during the transition from the locker room to the ballet room, they help warm up your legs and keep you warm at the beginning of class. You can start warming up in gaiters and then take them off when your feet warm up.

Ballet warm ups are an additional element of a dancers costume. Like warm-ups, they are designed to warm up the body and prepare it for the class.

Ballet Sweatshirts – between rehearsals or classes, dancers often wear sweatshirts, which help keep them warm and are comfortable.