Katerina, store owner

Gymnastics and choreography have been my passion all my life. I am grateful to my parents who enrolled me in a sports school. Му best memories from childhood are associated with training, competitions and our team. That is why I am so excited to offer you and your kids the best workout clothes and gymnastics equipment from Japanese brands Sasaki and Chacott, that are rightfully considered to be one of the best in the world.

Balletshop Zurich Alletanzen

Dance is a form of art through which human feelings are expressed. With the help of plasticity and movements, a holistic artistic image is created. In this kind of art, it is very important to have charisma, plasticity, rhythm, charm, and of course a good dance costume and shoes.

A dance costume is an element of the artistic image, and shoes are the comfort and quality of the dance performed. Therefore, indispensable and necessary things for a performing artist are accessories and goods for dancing.

It is difficult to achieve a harmonious image without suitable shoes and suits. Every little thing counts in the production of a dance. All the necessary goods for dancing are in our dance shop "Alletanzen".

The catalog contains a wide range of things that may suit you. We guarantee that our products are of high quality.

Goods for gymnastics

Gymnastics is a very popular sport. Each girl strives to achieve success and get into the competition. To do this, you need to have a great desire, and the necessary attributes.

The dance shop "Alletanzen" Switzerland has excellent quality gymnastics products. This sport has its own rules and standards.

There are a large number of necessary items and dance accessories needed to participate in competitions.

Alletanzen dance shop has everything you need! Choose and order gymnastic accessories and goods.

Goods for ballroom

The assortment of the ballet shop "Alletanzen" includes goods for ballroom. If you are a professional ballet dancer, or if this is your hobby, then you know perfectly well that training shoes and clothing play an important role.

It is important that these indispensable elements for a ballerina are comfortable, do not restrict movement, and are also combined with each other.

Our catalog contains a diverse range of goods for dancing. Having chosen the most suitable accessories, clothes or shoes for yourself, you can buy them in our dance store. All products offered are of high quality.

Professionals trust us!