The ballet skirt is a symbol of classical dance

It is hard to imagine ballet without a tulle skirt, which has become a symbol of this kind of dance. Most often they are part of the stage costume, less often they are used during training. The ballet skirt is professionally known as a tutu.

It is the dream of every little princess who does not necessarily think of it in terms of dancing in a performance of Swan Lake. The women dressed in the tutu look stunning, their movements are even more spectacular, and the entire performance is shrouded in a magical atmosphere.

Ballet parka, tutu, ballet skirt… these terms we can use interchangeably.

They are presented in several variants, which are characterized by distinctive features. The most popular is the classic bandeau, which is a short, austere skirt in which all the dancer’s legs are visible.

We can admire this, for example, in the ballet Swan Lake. During training, ballet dancers wear training tutus to better prepare for the performance.

Long ballet skirts that reach to the knee and are made of light fabrics that hang down during the dance are romantic tutus.

So the choice of a ballet skirt depends on the circumstances in which it will be used. However, if you are looking for your first tutu, you are better off choosing a classic set. It is also available at the Alletanzen store for girls starting ballet.

Tutu for the youngest ballerinas

A tutu is, as a rule, a skirt. However, for maximum comfort and convenience for several one-year-old girls, choose a comfortable elastic bodysuit for your daughter’s tutu as well.

The top should be elastic and the bottom should be short, with layered ruffles. Pick up an outfit for your little ballerina at Alletanzen. Don’t forget the ballet shoes!

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A wide selection of ballet skirts

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